Faith in Action

Who do we serve?

Faith in Action
helps people in need
without regard to gender, race, income, or religious affiliation. There are no charges for our services.

Volunteers assist older adults, children with special needs, and their families.

Older adults receive non-medical assistance aimed at helping them remain independent in their own homes.

The Volunteer Caregivers and Strong for Life  programs are for older adults.

Services include:

         Bill paying or record keeping assistance


         Friendly visiting

         Light housekeeping

         Meal preparation and/or delivery

         Minor home repairs

         Pet care


         Respite for family caregivers

         Shopping either for or with an elder

         Telephone reassurance

         Transportation to appointments and on errands

         Yard work

Children with special needs due to a disability or chronic health condition may receive a friendly visitor or mentor who visits them at home nearly every week. The
Family Friends program serves children with special needs.

Volunteers do not do hands-on professional, medical or emergency care. Services being provided are those that an unpaid, adult relative or good neighbor might do.


To inquire about giving or receiving services through Faith in Action, please call


or email us at